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Will a watch make me look more professional?

Are smart phones replacing watches?

Watches have evolved into fashion accessories. Let's face it: since the advent of smart phones and their built-in clocks, watches have become more of a fashion statement than a timekeeping tool. While this is true, there are still some people who believe that wearing a watch can make you look more professional.

In fact, many people still view watches as tools for keeping track of time; however, because most people use their smart phones to tell time, watches are now often seen as a fashion accessory and an extension of your style. If you're someone who wants to express your individuality through fashion but doesn't want to go overboard with clothes or shoes (or simply has no idea how), then a watch may be just what you need.

The type of watch you wear says a lot about your personality: Are you someone who is always on the go and needs something functional? Or would prefer something that reflects your personal style? And if so what kind of style do you want it reflect? Do you like big bulky watches or sleek thin ones? What color do they come in? You can even get them custom made! Watches aren't just an accessory - they're also an important part of making sure we keep our appointments on time. Watches make a statement about your personality and style which will help others know what kind of person they're dealing with when they first meet you at work or at home."

Are watches accessories or functional tools?

Watches do look good, but they are much more than just accessories. They are the most visible and best-defined statement you can make to your clients, colleagues, and other people who come in contact with you. Should you have a watch that says “I’m a professional?” Or should it say “I'm a busy person who makes impulsive decisions that sometimes don't go according to plan?”

The thing about watches is that no matter how hard we try, we can't avoid making decisions every day which might seem like bad ones at the time. It's important to be able to immediately identify the relationships between events and their causes so that we can predict what's going to happen in the future. A chronograph watch helps us do just this by recording measurements - such as speed or elapsed time, on their face.

Do I need to wear a watch for work?

No. But it does show your respect for time and, by extension, your colleagues. And that's a big deal.

It used to be that wearing a watch was standard business attire for any employee or executive in a professional environment, but as things have gotten more casual in the modern workplace (casual Fridays, anyone?), this is no longer the case. It's now up to you if you wear one—but if you do, it will make you look more professional than not wearing one at all.

When someone looks at your wrist and sees a watch - especially if it's non-robotic looking (iWatch) and/or fancier than average - it shows them that:

  • You care about time management.

  • You might have some disposable income lying around to spend on nice things like watches with three hands.

  • You are conscious of the effect your appearance has on others in the workplace and want to keep things running smoothly (at least from an executive level).

In other words: you care about your career and how people see you - and people tend to appreciate this when working with others who don't necessarily share these values (e-mailing coworkers during meetings instead of asking questions directly).

Should my watch match my personality?

There are two things that can make you look more professional: fitting in with your work environment and being yourself. Wearing a watch is one way to help with the first, but it's also important to keep the second in mind. You will look more professional when your watch matches both your personality and your outfit—and by extension, the company culture. The best way to know what kind of watch matches your personality is to learn about the different types of watches out there, which can be divided into four main categories:

  • Casual

  • Dressy

  • Luxury

  • Sporty

If you feel comfortable in it, then it will make you look professional too!

Wearing a watch will make you look more professional because if it makes you feel good, and if you feel good, then you will be more confident at work.

There is no one type of watch that will make you look professional at work. You have to choose a watch that fits your personality.

You may love classic watches with simple dials that come in solid colors, like black or white. Or maybe your preference is for something more daring and colorful! Maybe your style is modern and elegant. Maybe casual watches with bright leather straps are your thing!

Whatever the style or design, wear it with confidence and shine in your role.

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