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Should I wear a watch with my Wedding suit?

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Yes, and Broad & Swan have some of the best and affordable Swiss Made dress watches for men.

You can absolutely wear a watch with your wedding suit, however, there are some dos and don'ts you should remember...

As with all formal occasions, the watch is an accessory and should be subtle, understated and elegant.

When wearing a formal suit, you should always wear a dress watch. This type of watch is generally minimalist, elegant and classic in style.

Your wedding day watch should be slim so it will easily slide under your shirt cuff and not constantly be on show. After all, the watch you wear on your wedding day should be special only to you and will be a sentimental reminder of an important occasion in your life.

Your wedding attire is all about attention to detail. You should match the watch strap to your belt and shoes. If you are wearing black shoes and belt, then make sure your watch strap is black, brown belt and shoes, brown strap etc... Doing this will tie your whole look together and will guarantee you look elegant and dapper.

Mistakes to avoid when wearing a watch on your wedding day

On this occasion, leave your sports or divers watch at home. These type of watches are chunky and distracting and not suited to formal occasions. They are much better suited for casual settings.

If you don't want to receive notifications while delivering your vows, I would advise against wearing a smart watch. Pings and vibrations are an unnecessary distraction during your celebration.

Leave the stainless steel bracelet watch at home. It will stand out too much and does not have the same elegance as a leather strap.

What type of watch should I wear for my wedding?

A dress watch is the best option to wear on your wedding day. Below are some beautiful examples of our Broad & Swan dress watches that would be perfect for your big day.

All of these models are from our Jack Red collection.

These watches are all Swiss Made and have a 316L stainless steel case which is 40mm in diameter and a slim 7.8mm thick profile. All come on a leather strap and protected from unwanted scratches by sapphire crystal. We have gold watches for men (PVD coated) and silver watches for men. They are all priced at €199

Our first example is this luxurious gold watch with a black patent leather strap. Sophisticated and classy, this dress watch will compliment a black or navy suit on your special day.

Swiss Made Gold Dress Watch from Broad& Swan

This "All Black" model is a beautifully sleek watch. A black strap and dial with silver indices give a wonderful contrast. A real classic that can be worn for most occasions.

Black Watch from Broad & Swan

The quintessential dress watch. White dial with a black strap. So versatile, you can wear with anything. It's beauty is in it's simplicity. It's minimalist design is very welcome for the big day so all the spotlight will be on you.

Black and White Dress watch from Broad & Swan

If you wanted to add a feeling of luxury, you could opt for this gold watch with a brown strap. Ideal with a blue or navy suit, making sure to coordinate the strap with your belt and shoes.

Gold and Brown Leather Dress Watch from Broad & Swan

Finally we bring you a perfect match for your navy /blue suit. The navy/blue strap, white dial and silver indices are a stunning combination. This model is versatile and can be worn in a formal and casual setting.

Swiss Made watch for your wedding day

Whatever watch you decide to wear on your big day, once you follow these guidelines, you won't go wrong.

A watch is a special piece for your wedding day. It will be a cherished possession you will wear for many years to come and serve as a reminder of your memorable day.

I hope this was useful to you. Have a wonderful day!!!

P.S. In saying all this, always remember to wear what you feel most comfortable in.

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