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What watch should I buy my dad for Father’s Day?

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

What are the best watches for men on Father’s Day?

Broad & Swan have some of the best dress watches for men.

If you're not sure which type of watch to choose, here's my advice: Get specific. Think about the person you're shopping for and their personal style. Do they prefer leather or stainless steel bracelets? Are they an adventurous, outdoorsy type? Will they wear the watch to work? For leisure? Or both?

Think about these things before you make any decision. If you are still undecided after this, I would be happy to help with some advice. Just send me an email or chat through our website - Broad & Swan have many options available at three affordable price ranges.

Is a watch the best gift?

A watch is so much more than just a timepiece. When you wear a watch, you're making a statement about who you are. It's a way to show your personality and your lifestyle in a way that speaks volumes.

Broad & Swan watches express classic elegance and understated style, ideal for a business meeting or casual weekends.

Watches can be an investment, something that will last for years to come. It can be passed down as an heirloom.

A well-thought out gift should show your father how much you care about them and their interests.

For the dad who likes sport and adventure, Broad & Swan have the ideal Dive watch.

Men's dive watch

The model shown above is our Captains Dive watch with a black dial. Made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel. It has all the features you would expect including 120 click unidirectional rotating bezel - this enables the user to measure time. The bezel can only rotate in an anti clockwise direction which ensures divers safety in case it is accidently moved underwater. It has 200m water resistance and at 42.5mm in diameter, doesn't look oversized on even the smaller wrists (like mine) RRP €319

If your father has always been interested in fashion or wants to add some style to his wardrobe, look no further than our Jack Red collection.

Here is a video of one from our Jack Red collection. This model has a black dial and black leather strap. Perfect for wearing on any occasion. It has a diameter of 40mm and is 7.9mm thick so is ultra thin on the wrist. It comes with sapphire crystal which is very hard and durable. This makes it scratch resistant.

A beautiful watch for those looking for a more minimalist and clean design. RRP €199

Lastly, from our Libertie collection is this 316L stainless steel classic everyday sports watch. This is an absolutely stunning example of Swiss Made precision quartz. 39mm in diameter with sunburst dial, which are really thin textured lines that radiate from the centre of the dial. This allows the colour on the dial to change depending on the light. RRP €249

Consider what materials the watch is made of.

If you think your dad would prefer a stainless steel case and bracelet, choose a really good grade of steel. At Broad and Swan we only use the best quality stainless steel which is 316L.

316L is surgical grade and is known to be hypoallergenic. This stainless steel alloy does not contain any metal that widely causes allergic reactions. The 'L' stands for Low Carbon Content in the steel. It has better corrosion resistance and is widely used in medical devices.

If a leather strap is more suited to their style, we have a number of options to choose from. We only use genuine leather straps which are really soft from the moment you put it on.

Should I get a watch that is waterproof?

If your dad is a swimmer and loves the water, then one of our Captains dive watches would be a great gift. Any watch made from stainless steel with a water resistance rating over 100 metres is going to be waterproof. The majority of people don't wear a watch while swimming so it's not terribly necessary.

All Broad & Swan watches are water resistant to different levels. They range from 50m to 200m.

What about the movement (the heart) of the watch?

Right now, all Broad & Swan watches are Quartz movement, which means they are battery operated. This also means they will not need regular servicing and are easier to maintain.

If an automatic movement is something you are looking for but you would like to stay loyal to our brand, we have some big ideas and are looking at several beautiful designs at the moment, so watch this space...

Does your dad prefer a simple piece or one with a more complex design?

If your father prefers simpler timepieces, we have a lot of options that may suit him. A watch with a simple design will have a larger face and the time indicators will be easy to read.

Complex-looking watches have small faces and usually contain more details on the dial than their minimalist counterparts.

Whatever watch you choose for your dad on Father’s day, the fact you put time and effort into picking out the ideal gift will mean as much to him as the watch itself.

No matter what Broad and Swan watch you choose for your dad this Father's day, he will not be disappointed. This will be a special watch he will cherish in his collection.

If you would like to browse more of our watches, click below

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